Poll Questions the Facebook Staying Power

June 15, 2012

Nearly a decade after Facebook’s inception, skeptics remain critical of the social media tycoon’s ability to stay current as technology continues to rapidly progress. ComputerWorld recently reported on the results of a May survey regarding the way Americans feel about the staying power of the social networking site in, “U.S Facebook Users Skeptical of Site’s Privacy, Longevity.”

According to the article, a recent poll surveying 1,004 U.S adults found that Americans a split in their opinions regarding whether or not Facebook is a passing trend. Over 50% of survey respondents lack faith in the social network, but 43% believe it is here to stay. One of the naysayers primary concerns is regarding Facebook’s willingness and ability to keep their personal information private.

When breaking down the numbers, the article stated:

“Three of every five Facebook users say they have little or no faith that the social network will keep their personal information private. Only 13% trust Facebook to protect their information, and only 12% would feel safe making purchases through the site. The AP noted that half of those who use the site daily — Facebook’s most loyal users — say they would not feel safe making a purchase on the network.”

Despite the fact that many people believe that Facebook is overvalued, there are just as many people out there who use find its value to be right on track. I guess only time will tell.

Jasmine Ashton, June 15, 2012

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