EU Data Laws Threaten Enterprise on the Cloud

June 21, 2012

Various cultures hold differing opinions on the nature of information and its implications on security.  The United States has earned a reputation as increasingly difficult to deal with, as the quest for national security has led to regulations that create hardships for software developers and users alike.  However, there is now talk about the implications of new European Union laws on Cloud platforms and enterprise software.  IT World gives a full report in, “EU Data Laws are Latest Threat to Cloud.”

Kevin Fogerty, the author, introduces the issue:

European data-sovereignty laws requiring international companies to keep data on customers in the customer’s own country are not only causing headaches for database managers, they’re holding back adoption of cloud computing in many large companies according to a story in GigaOm yesterday.  Corporate IT managers have been wary of European data-privacy laws since the early 2000s, when requirements designed to limit the degree to which corporations could move or exploit the personal data of customers came into vogue on the Continent.

Europe is clearly still struggling with the idea of national sovereignty versus sovereignty of the union.  It is bleeding over into IT development and causing headaches.  However, we are also told that the United States is driving some of these regulations and subsequent frustrations:

More recently, fears of U.S. prosecutors subpoenaing private data on European customers in European countries has accelerated the priority of data sovereignty laws as well.

So for multi-national companies who truly need an enterprise solution that will allow the transfer and access of data across country borders, what is to be done?  For now, it may be that some of the legalities of the new regulations need time to be vetted and moderated.  In the meantime, it would be wise for organizations to choose a smart third-party solution that can increase the efficiency of their SharePoint platform without running up against these regulations.

Fabasoft Mindbreeze is a great solution for organizations on either side of the Atlantic.  For customers in the United States, Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise guarantees the highest level of security.  For European users, Mindbreeze was truly written with EU standards in mind; therefore insuring compliance without added stress or workload.

Daniel Fallmann addresses some of the concerns surrounding the use of the US Patriot Act to access international data:

During the development of Fabasoft Mindbreeze we focused 100% exclusively on European values – not one single bit of American software product is to be found.   The US Patriot Act doesn’t apply. Not using US American manufactured software ensures that US authorities have no right to access European Cloud data.

While most users need not be concerned with the Patriot Act and its potential implications for unauthorized access of data, some European customers will rest assured knowing that Fabasoft Mindbreeze engineers products with EU standards in mind, ensuring fewer headaches.

Emily Rae Aldridge, June 21, 2012

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