A Closer Look at Data Sovereignty Issues across Geographical Borders

June 25, 2012

At GigaOM.com, Barb Darrow weighs in on data sovereignty issues around the globe in her post, “Data Sovereignty Issues Still Weigh on Cloud Adoption.” Darrow points out that many large enterprises may embrace cloud computing, just not for key jobs because of restrictive regulations.

The author explains:

 These laws…mandate that a company keep a customer’s data in that customer’s home country. One oft-cited reason is to prevent that data from being subpoenaed by a foreign power… Multiple regulations governing where a company can store customer data means that multinationals have to field data centers in every country where they have a presence — a trend that flies in the face of the appeal of borderless clouds.

One takeaway regarding the issue is that cloud service providers have to be able to meet regulatory obligations specific to the business sectors they address. Darrow also points out that until such hurtles are surpassed and cloud providers can provide detailed assurance where data resides, many businesses will keep residing on premise or in private clouds.

Darrow brings some good points to the discussion and highlights issues that need addressed in our global information age where data easily spans across physical borders. You may want to consider a third party solution built by experts in search and data management in the cloud with the European Union in mind. With Mindbreeze, you have options for on-premise and cloud usage:

Our information pairing technology makes you unbeatable. Information pairing unites enterprise information and Cloud information. This results in a complete overview of a company’s knowledge – the basis for your competitive advantage – allowing you to act quickly, reliably, dynamically and profitably in all business matters.

Compared to U.S. solutions, Mindbreeze seems to be on the right track. Read more about the full suite of solutions at http://www.mindbreeze.com/.

Philip West, June 25, 2012

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