Google and Latent Semantic Indexing: The KnowledgeGraph Play

June 26, 2012

One thing that is always constant is Google changing itself.  Not too long ago Google introduced yet another new tool: Knowledge Graph.  Business2Community spoke highly about how this new application proves the concept of latent semantic indexing in “Keyword Density is Dead…Enter “Thing Density.”  Google’s claim to fame is providing the most relevant search results based on a user’s keywords.  Every time they update their algorithm it is to keep relevancy up.  The new Knowledge Graph allows users to break down their search by clustering related Web sites and finding what LSI exists between the results.  From there the search conducts a secondary search and so on.  Google does this to reflect the natural use of human language, i.e. making their products user friendly.

But this change begs an important question:

“What does it mean for me!? Well first and foremost keyword density is dead, I like to consider the new term to be “Concept Density” or to coin Google’s title to this new development “Thing Density.” Which thankfully my High School English teachers would be happy about. They always told us to not use the same term over and over again but to switch it up throughout our papers. Which is a natural and proper style of writing, and we now know this is how Google is approaching it as well.”

The change will means good content and SEO will be rewarded.  This does not change the fact, of course, that Google will probably change their algorithm again in a couple months but now they are recognizing that LSI has value.  Most IVPs that provide latent semantic indexing, content and text analytics, such as Content Analyst,have gone way beyond what Google’s offering with the latest LSI trends to make data more findable and discover new correlations.

Whitney Grace, June 26, 2012

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