Sinequa Questions Big Data

June 27, 2012

Sinequa’s Business Search Blog recently reported on big data in the article “Big Data: Marketing Nirvana or the Next Big Bubble to Burst.”

According to the article, Big Data is a phrase that many organizations misuse in order to pump up their services. This is unfortunate for those companies that really do have something to offer to this burgeoning market.

The market the Sinequa is referring to is one where enterprises and administrators have to deal with vast amounts of unstructured data that come in a variety of formats and sources. Therefore, the market is created by companies that create products and services that extract the useful information from this large mess of data.

Sinequa then goes on to plug its solution by stating:

“At Sinequa, we have been dealing with Big Data (in the above sense) for quite some time: Our Unified Information Access solution has been used by large enterprises and administrations to plough through billions of data base records, business transactions, and unstructured data of all sorts, like documents, emails, and social network data. Our semantic analyses and Natural Language Processing have served to make sense of this magma of data, and to create structure where there was none. All this in order to find sense in chaos. The challenge for us was to combine deep analysis with high performance in dealing with big volumes.”

While Sinequa’s customers benefit from the fact that they have been creating Big Data solutions for quite some time, that doesn’t mean that that their solution is the only solution to structuring the unstructured data. The point is, however, a valid one.

Jasmine Ashton, June 27, 2012

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