Capturing an IBM OmniFind Factoid

July 7, 2012

We just finished an analysis of IBM’s search technology. We wanted to capture this product withdrawal factoid. In case you missed this announcement from IBM, you may find it interesting to note that OmniFind has been withdrawn from the company’s marketing, as well as IBM Content Analytics.

The IBM United States Withdrawal Announcement, “Software Withdrawal: IBM Content Analytics and IBM OmniFind Enterprise Edition Standalone Part Numbers—Some Replacements Available,” was posted on the company’s website in April. IBM OmniFind is no longer available directly from IBM, and Content Analytics will not be available after July 19.

The announcement offers a list of replacement products:

“*IBM OmniFind Enterprise Edition v9.1 and IBM Content Analytics v2.2 are now packaged into a single bundled offering, called IBM Content Analytics with Enterprise Search.

*The product standalone part numbers will be withdrawn, with replacements available.

*The part number for the new bundle, IBM Content Analytics with Enterprise Search, will be available under the IBM Content Analytics v2.2 Program Number: 5724-Z21.

*For more information on IBM Content Analytics with Enterprise Search, refer to Software Announcement 211-133, dated April 19, 2011.”

However, the announcement is lacking in insight as to why the cancellations. We cannot help but wonder what spurred the changes within the company. Technical difficulties? Not popular enough? Or just enterprise search fatigue from IBM? Maybe a shift from search to analytics?

Andrea Hayden, July 7, 2012

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