Good Help is Hard to Find

July 10, 2012

SharePoint consultants – every organization implementing SharePoint thinks that they need one, yet complaints abound regarding their effectiveness.  The blog addresses the topic in the post, “Will the Real SharePoint Consultant Please Stand Up?”

The author shares his personal perspective, as someone who also practices as a SharePoint consultant:

My clients have a common complaint when I come in and help them with their existing SharePoint implementation, ‘The so called SharePoint consultant who helped us roll out SharePoint was no help at all!’ You may ask what seems to be the problem, well, some people who call themselves SharePoint consultants are nothing more than a technical person having some Windows administration background who can easily install, configure and deploy SharePoint in a technical environment.

So what are organizations to do?  You need the expertise without the hassle, or the large bill.  We would suggest looking into a smart third-party enterprise search vendor like Fabasoft MindbreezeFabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise can work alongside your existing SharePoint installation, or serve as a standalone enterprise infrastructure.  Either way, your organization gets the expertise and support of the Mindbreeze team, which cuts out the private consulting fee, and results in an infinitely better user experience.

Emily Rae Aldridge, July 10, 2012

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