Data Vibrancy: Pursuing a Full Spectrum

July 11, 2012

Vibrant Data has painted a pretty picture, but more detail is needed before it can be called a masterpiece. Ted’s blog, “Fellows Friday: The Vibrancy of Data” talks about the broad span of challenging areas, while repeatedly emphasizing the need for more collaborative research and problem mapping.

In the opinion of Vibrant Data, a few areas need a little brush work to create an efficient data ecosystem, and:

“From the structure of that network, we identified four Grand Challenge areas for democratizing data: Digital Infrastructure, Digital Trust (protection of personal identity, and reputation systems for accountability), Digital Literacy (widespread access to intuitively asking questions with data and thinking critically about the answers) and Platform Openness (the ability to copy, edit and customize platforms that facilitate finding meaning from data).”

The color image of their grand challenges is quite impressive at first glance, however Vibrant Data openly admits this is a work in progress. The plan to involve more people in the problem mapping will definitely allow for more input, but to what end? Collaboration can be beneficial but at the same time, too many artists can clutter up the original vision.

The overall picture that Vibrant Data is trying to create would allow everyday people to directly benefit from the enormous pallet of evolving data. With access provided, everyday users could avoid possible negative consequences and paint their own portrait.

Jennifer Shockley, July 11, 2012

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