SharePoint Needs to Up Mobile Game

July 11, 2012

Microsoft is on a roll with its mobile game, generating a lot of buzz about their new Surface tablet.  With Microsoft 365 all systems and software are envisioned to be fully integrated, creating a fully portable and mobile experience.  CMS Wire speaks to how this new direction and vision may impact devoted SharePoint users in, “SharePoint has Yammer, Now it Needs To Up Its Mobile Game.”

The article states:

Last week’s announcement of the new Surface tablet range is bang on theme. Whilst observers quibble about price points and the merits of a built in kickstand, there is no doubting that Microsoft thinks many of us will spend our future computing time prodding at a screen of some sort . . . So what about the next version of SharePoint?  So can we expect a friendly touch enabled version of SharePoint? A ‘SharePoint: Metro’ to impress all those execs running meetings with their shiny new Surface tablets?   The evidence suggest not.

So if SharePoint is not yet living up to the rest of the Microsoft mobile offerings, what is an organization to do?  We suggest looking into the fully mobile capabilities of a trusted third party enterprise solution like Fabasoft MindbreezeFabasoft Mindbreeze Mobile offers full functionality and navigation, losing nothing over the traditional desktop-centered enterprise approach.  Working alongside an existing SharePoint deployment, or as a standalone product, we recommend Fabasoft Mindbreeze for a number of reasons, but specifically for its superior mobile functionality.

Emily Rae Aldridge, July 11, 2012

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