Some Search Solutions Difficult to Comprehend

July 13, 2012

Some bold assertions were made on Hortonworks which will likely be understood by azure chip consulting firms and “real journalists,” but were a little over this wee gosling’s head.

The article, “Search Data at Scale in Five Minutes with Pig, Wonderdog and ElasticSearch,” states how the three search solutions mentioned in the title make search easy, and then uses pieces of code and email to prove exactly how easy. However, the proofs given for Pig, Wonderdog, and ElasticSearch come up short. The article asserts:

ElasticSearch makes search simple. ElasticSearch is built over Lucene and provides a simple but rich JSON over HTTP query interface to search clusters of one or one hundred machies. You can get started with ElasticSearch in five minutes, and it can scale to support heavy loads in the enterprise. […]

Apache Pig makes Hadoop simple. In a previous post, we prepared the Berkeley Enron Emails in Avro format.[…]

Wonderdog (contributed to open source via the Apache 2.0 license by Infochimps) makes searching Pig relations easy.”

The pieces of code and broken emails along with the general statements about simplicity above were not enough to convince us. We are struggling to comprehend Pig, Wonderdog, and ElasticSearch. However, we are just geese so our limitations are easily understandable.

Andrea Hayden, July 13, 2012

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