CCFinder Offers Flexibility but How Far Do They Stretch

July 16, 2012

Creative commons offers a lot of versatility, but up until now the available finders have been limited. Flexibility was needed and AbelsSoft’s new creative commons image finder provides just that. Lifehacker’s article “CCFinder Simplifies Creative Commons Image Searches” talks about the pluses and minuses of this new program.

AbelsSoft offers a few perks when it comes to defining search, such as:

“You can filter your search to omit or include various types of CC restrictions such as non-commercial use only, references required to the original author, etc. Once you perform a search you can select a single or multiple images and either download to your preferred folder, visit the source image web site, or set the image as your desktop wallpaper.”

One taut aspect of CCFinder’s search engine is that it only utilizes Flickr, which ironically has the largest selection of CC licensed images available. Creative Commons offers users several sites to choose from, like Google Images, Open Clip Art Library, and Fotopedia, however users are still limited to one site per search.

The download is free for CCFinder, but registration does sign users up to receive an occasional newsletter. In itself, that is not a lot to ask for the convenience of well-defined search. AbelsSoft also offers a professional version of CCFinder that further defines how users search by implementing color filters. At first glance, CCFinder seems a user friendly program with search flexibility. We will have to see how far they stretch.

Jennifer Shockley, July 16, 2012

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