Crowdfunded Library Unconference in UK

July 17, 2012

Is this bad news for traditional library-oriented conferences? BoingBoing announces, “Library Camp: Crowdfunded UK Unconference for Libraries.” If the initiative to fund this “unconference” succeeds, Library Camp 2012 will draw library workers from across the UK to (that country’s) Birmingham. The group successfully pulled off Library Camp 2011. The write up informs us:

“Library Camp brings together people who are interested in modernising and transforming libraries for one day of intensive debate, knowledge sharing and ideas. It’s an unconference so anyone can lead a workshop or facilitate a session and it’s free to attend. You don’t have to be a librarian or even work in a library, you just need to be passionate about the future of libraries. This year the unconference will be back in Birmingham in October and we want to invite 200 people so we need to raise £1000 to pay for a venue and feed the campers!”

Good luck to them; I enjoy seeing folks create their own realities. As of this writing, the Camp’s site states that they have raised half their target. They also emphatically promise cake—I wonder if that has anything to do with the fundraisers’ success?

Cynthia Murrell, July 17, 2012

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