Make Easy to Use Solutions and They Will Come

July 17, 2012

One of the largest issues facing enterprises optimizing product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions is that they are often too complex for individual employees to use.  When all employees along the production chain are not able to easily make the most of a solution they will return to tried and true methods making expensive PLM solutions a giant waste of money.  The Design News article, “Kenesto Takes an Un-PLM Approach to PLM”, explores how one provider’s goal is to change all that.

Kenesto is a young PLM provider dedicated to creating solutions that don’t require an IT team for every task. As the article explains,

“Kenesto 2012, now generally available, aims to blend simplicity with a cloud-based approach to circumvent some of those familiar road blocks. Via use of familiar metaphors like attachments and email-like conventions, the platform allows engineering teams to route drawings and documents, create and circulate RFQs (request for quotes), interact with external suppliers, and populate bills of materials, all without any behind-the-scenes programming. The system is particularly compelling for organizations that have been chained to paper-based processes because they didn’t see the appeal of existing, often hard-to-implement PLM platforms…”

The problems Kenesto addresses are seen across industries and, in general, are the reasons PLM leaves a bad taste in many enterprises’ mouths.  Kenesto is not alone in their desire to help companies take full advantage of PLM solutions. Other providers like Inforbix is dedicated to providing their clients with new data management solutions that enable all employees to find, reuse and share data effortlessly.  Combine their technology with some of the best ongoing customer support in the industry and one can easily see why their reputation precedes them.

Catherine Lamsfuss, July 17, 2012


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