Blekko Evolves Search by Spreading the News

July 18, 2012

The voice of news and internet search is evolving and Blekko’s new social news site ROCKZi confirms why. The new website makes watching or reading the news a pleasure with their friendly, easy to use search platform. Not only that, but they are utilizing the information.

Blekko recently announced the arrival of Rockzi on their website, so this gosling checked it out.

What I found was a very user friendly design with visual appeal. Finding topics was simply done by clicking the subject, which brought up targeted subject tiles of articles or clips. Users can than vote, share or add content using the “submit” button on the board, or the convenient browser bookmarklet. Karma is earned via posting, commenting and voting. This raises the ‘knowledge’ status of the user, increasing social statuses in the community while also adding to the database.

ROCKZi opens the door to an interesting future for search content. Blekko wisely plans to use subject popularity as a new method of developing search content. They declared:

“As the number of news boards expands and we introduce more customizable Boards, this has the very powerful potential to revolutionize the way we discover good content on the increasingly cluttered Web.”

“Social signals generated by the ROCKZi user base will eventually translate into search signals that Blekko can use to identify the highest quality content and curate search results while pushing spam to the bottom.”

Blekko is dreaming big and could easily evolve search to the next level by harnessing the power of websites like ROCKZi. Overall, ROCKZi offers an interesting way to spread the news and collect targeted search data for the future.

Jennifer Shockley, July 18, 2012

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