EntropySoft Offers Resellers Reward Without Risk

July 20, 2012

EntropySoft just added another reseller, and why not, they are easy to sell. If you are unfamiliar, EntropySoft provides connectors that act as standalone libraries, transforming any native content application APIs into a normalized interface for easy interoperability. CMS Wire’s article “Integro to Sell EntropySoft Connectors, Hub as Part of Email Management Offering” explains why so many are drawn towards the convenience of EntropySoft.

Wherever data travels, it cannot hide. These connectors act almost like a universal remote and move data bi-directionally between content repositories. They provide an ease of access system utilizing search capabilities that can locate content wherever it has been stored.

According to the press:

EntropySoft has been pushing its Content Hub and Content Connector technology so much so that, at this point, it has most of the major content repositories covered. Today, though, it adds another one with a partnership that will see Integro selling both technologies as part of its Email Manager. The combination provides a product that will be able to connect the content of those email messages with the one or more enterprise CMSes that any given company might be using.”

This data duet will have better content organization and be able to offer reduced costs around email management. There will also be limited exposure to legal and compliance issues from unmanaged email messages. EntropySoft rebuked the statement “the higher the risk the greater the reward” by providing rewards without risk. It is no surprise Integro signed on as a reseller.

Jennifer Shockley, July 20, 2012

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