Microsoft Embraces Cloud in Google Battle Move

July 25, 2012

It appears Microsoft is putting much focus on the cloud with the upcoming release of Office 2013 in an attempt to stay competitive with Google Apps.

The battle is highlighted in the article on ComputerWorld, “Microsoft Office 2013 Fires Shot at Google’s Enterprise Push.” Analysts say the move to the cloud is necessary for Microsoft to keep up with the search giant in the world of cloud-based office apps. Microsoft’s release preview included the cloud up front with multi-device tools and touch screen capabilities backing up the presentation.

We learn in the article:

“According to a May report from research firm Gartner, Google is far outpacing Microsoft in the cloud business. Compared with Microsoft, Google is winning one-third to one-half of new, paid-for, cloud-based office system seats, the analyst firm reported.

‘Google’s call to action is appealing to organizations generally not pleased with their current situation,” Gartner noted. “Primarily, the disaffected are moving to Google Apps, legitimizing that choice, and helping Google grow its base and defy all the early predictions of Google’s defeat’”

A full preview is available at Our opinion? We think neither company seems particularly concerned about search. How does one find a document amidst tens of thousands? Dropping buzzwords around does not make either company more navigationally easy to use, nor does it completely satisfy information-hungry users.

Andrea Hayden, July 25, 2012

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