Soft Tech Software Adopted by SATCOM Giant

July 27, 2012

The need for product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions perforates across industries with the communications industry being no exception.  It was recently announced that the General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies located in Richardson, Texas, will begin using the PLM software, ProductCenter, created by Soft Tech Inc. in the article, “United States : SofTech Product Selected by General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies”.

The reasons for the adoption of the PLM solution by the communication company were discussed in the article:

“ProductCenter streamlines engineering documentation processes and supports multi-CAD tool integrations and the vaulting of product related data. ProductCenter also enables Engineering to manage the Bill of Material (BOM) for improved efficiency in product manufacturing. Although ProductCenter is focused on the product development processes today, it will be used to manage any document that requires access control and routing to any department and/or individual.”

The need for PLM solutions to support mult-CAD files and be accessible across departments is not relegated to this company or this industry alone.  Inforbix, another leader in the PLM field, understands that any industry utilizing CAD/CAM files needs a solution that can easy work with such files and yet remain fluid, streamlining processes.  They pride themselves on being able to enable all of their PLM users to ‘find, reuse and share product data’ regardless of the size of the enterprise.

Catherine Lamsfuss, July 27, 2012


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