Too Many Cooks in the SharePoint Kitchen

July 27, 2012

Bjorn Furuknap brings us another irreverent look at the world of SharePoint, this time focusing on the quantity of SharePoint developers.  In Furuknap’s SharePoint Corner, he brings us this entry, “How Many SharePoint Developers Are There Really?

In its publicity for its purchase of Yammer, Microsoft boasts of how many developers they have building on SharePoint.

Furuknap states:

What’s very odd, though, is that Microsoft claims there are 700,000 ‘developers building on the platform’.  With these numbers, that means that for every SharePoint customer, there are over 10 developers.  Read that again: For every SharePoint customer, there are more than 10 developers . . . It can mean one of two things:  1) There are far too many developers out there and a lot of them are unemployed. Good for businesses, if true.  2) SharePoint is a platform so complex that you need to pay, on average, ten people to do nothing but develop on SharePoint. Bad for SharePoint, if true.

Let’s go with the idea that SharePoint may be too complex for its own good.  What is to be done?  Most organizations cannot afford a herd of developers to customize SharePoint into a usable infrastructure.  For organizations in that situation we recommend exploring a smart third party solution like Fabasoft Mindbreee Enterprise.  Working as a standalone solution, or in conjunction with an existing SharePoint infrastructure, Fabasoft Mindbreeze not only streamlines your enterprise needs, but also integrates the rest of your electronic data repositories via Connectors.

Do not let the complexities of SharePoint bankrupt your IT department.  See a high return on your investment by choosing Fabasoft Mindbreeze.

Emily Rae Aldridge, July 27, 2012

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