Finally Some Praise for Discovery

July 28, 2012

One of the challenges many businesses face today is how to deal with unstructured data in the ever increasing big data realm. The answer is not that complicated according to Business 2 Community’s article “Discovery in the Age of Big Data.” One just has to ‘discover’ the solution.

How do we discover the solutions, simply put, we search:

“Data exploration and discovery is a critical component of any big data initiative. Search is an important tool in this exploration and discovery process.

“Successful big data implementations take a phased approach and deciding what data to roll into your big data platform is part of this process. This data exploration phase is critical in developing and understanding what data exists, what is missing and how the data ties to the use case scenarios most important to the business.”

Today’s business owners want it all, and with all the tools at their disposal they can. Efficient use of search and discovery can provide a wealth of solutions and relevant information. There are enhanced navigation and visualization tools available that will take users well beyond the fundamental keyword searches commonly used.

Once users start utilizing search within their existing metadata, extracted entities and dynamic document clustering combined, the ability to extract value will be greatly increased. The end result is the ‘discovery’ of greater return of investment in the future.

Finally, some praise for discovery.

Jennifer Shockley, July 28, 2012

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