Google Versus Bing

July 28, 2012

In the battle between Google and Bing, who will come out on top? Makeuseof presents, “Infographic: Can Bing Knock Out the Champ?” The site’s managing editor Mark O’Neill acknowledges that Google is currently way, way ahead of the game, but that:

“. . .one search engine, despite operating at a loss, is making themselves a continual irritant, and an obstacle to Google’s aim of total Internet domination.  That search engine is of course Microsoft’s Bing.

“The constant attempts to one-up each other means that they are constantly innovating, and that is good for the end user (that’s you by the way).  But with all the changes that occur on both sites, which search engine is actually the best?”

To help readers answer that question, O’Neill presents a well-organized infographic. We are not sure what this data ultimately means, but someone put a great deal of work into this comparison of Bing and Google. For example, it shows each system’s market share growth (along with Yahoo‘s) over the last three years. The graphic also presents side-by-side lists of other sites whose embedded searches are powered by each of the two platforms.

Though it does not offer any conclusions, this source is a good place to turn if you are curious about some of the stats behind the struggle.

Cynthia Murrell, July 28, 2012

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