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July 30, 2012

As technology progresses, we are becoming more and more reliant on our mobile devices, really the apps on those devices, to get the job done. Nir Eyal of the Nir & Far behavior engineering blog recently published an article that breaks down the way modern apps are being developed, called “Stop Building Apps and Start Building Behaviors.

According to the article, app developers are currently using interaction design and psychology to create products that will work with your brain in mind. There are three qualities that modern apps need in order to achieve this: be a feature, build it easier, and make it a habit.

When explaining the importance of building a simple yet engaging app, Eyal looks into the future:

“The next wave in mobile computing will move beyond the phone. Several companies are anticipating a world where users wear devices to make difficult behaviors much easier.LumoBack, a company now money on Kickstarter, has built a new way to improve users’ posture. [Disclosure: LumoBack co-founder Charles Wang is a close friend.] A device, worn like a belt around the waste, sends data to an avatar named Lumo on the user’s phone. When he or she slouches, so does Lumo, providing immediate, actionable feedback.”

So, the future of app development really has very little to do with designing overly ornate apps that meet your every need, but rather focusing on simplicity and elegance.

Jasmine Ashton, July 30, 2012

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