Lotus Notes Expands into eDiscovery

July 31, 2012

Lotus Notes is a collaborative content management platform that warehouses an organization’s content for multiple users. It does not come as a surprise, as MarketWatch tells us, that “Daegis Expands Cross-Matter Management Capabilities with Support for Lotus Notes Integration in eDiscovery Platform.” It was only a matter of time before an eDiscovery provider integrated their services with a content platform. Daegis adds Lotus Notes to Daegis eDiscovery Platform integration that will be added to other data sources for litigation purposes. Daegis already has an industry noted trademark, its Cross-Matter Management methodology, which enables data to be preserved and re-purposed in a single secure environment, spanning various collaboration platforms and file types.

Adding Lotus Notes to eDiscovery integration will lower costs:

“These expanded Lotus Notes capabilities continue to build on Daegis’ data-driven eDiscovery model. Using Daegis’ Cross-Matter Management methodology and the Master Repository that enables it, Daegis helps clients curb the rising cost of eDiscovery by leveraging the analysis already done in prior matters and applying that work product to multiple subsequent matters. All data, regardless from which collaboration platform it originates, can be processed, reviewed, and stored in a single instance for use in multiple matters, driving down costs and improving consistency both in search results and attorney review calls regardless of the platform that was originally used to create the data.”

After adding content management platforms, eDiscovery developers should concentrate on mobile eDiscovery solutions. IBM has a number of initiatives in content processing. How will the company displace the eDiscovery incumbents? Maybe predictive magic will do the trick.

Stephen E Arnold, July 30, 2012

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  2. Ed Brill CIO Blogs/Ben Worthen – I´m violating our corporate email policy…and I love it! | TimBatchelder.com: Clean, Green + Social Technologies on August 27th, 2012 3:10 pm

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