Autonomy Big Data Solutions Highlighted

August 14, 2012

HP has put forth a new write up about HP Autonomy and Big Data, “Autonomy IDOL Big Data Solutions.” In our opinion, the pre-buy-out Autonomy had more marketing flair. Oh, well.

The article lists a couple of solutions based on HP’s Converged Cloud and Autonomy IDOL 10. The description elaborates:

“*IDOL Powered Hadoop: New capabilities for leveraging IDOL technology within Hadoop deployments.

*Autonomy Optimost Clickstream Analytics: Groundbreaking solution that provides marketers with a single, consistent view of visits, conversions, and customer engagement across all channels.

“Together, these solutions enable businesses to discover new trends, opportunities, and risks, and accelerate revenue growth by understanding and acting on web clickstream, sentiment, and transactional data.”

Next, the write up lists the primary customer benefits of each solution. For IDOL-powered Hadoop, for example, it notes that the IDOL engine can be embedded in each Hadoop node, and that IDOL’s 400 connectors enable the combination of Hadoop data with other enterprise and external data.

Autonomy Optimost lets marketers perform complex queries on complete datasets and in real time. Users can also blend clickstream data with human information and application data. The application is integrated with the Autonomy Promote suite.

Autonomy, originally founded in 1996, was snatched up by HP in 2011. They take pride in building tools that efficiently extract meaning from unwieldy tangles of unstructured data. The technology grew from research originally performed at Cambridge University.

Cynthia Murrell, August 14, 2012

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