Aras Offers New Innovations for Global Enterprises

August 15, 2012

One of the leaders in product lifecycle management innovation, Aras, recently announced its latest offering, the CATIO V5 connector PDM workbench.  A recent Virtual Strategy Magazine article, “Aras Announces Latest Release of CATIA V5 Connector for Complex Global Design Environments”, explains how the CATIA V5 connector is intended to drive product development.

As the article explains,

“For global companies that have large, complex assemblies the CATIA V5 connector for Aras provides a highly scalable and secure PLM platform for digital product development. The CATIA V5 connector leverages the unified CAD data model in the Aras CAD Integration Platform which includes high performance multi-file check-out. Parallel asynchronous streaming technology moves sets of files across the WAN significantly faster than previously possible with other PLM systems.”

While Aras’s latest innovation is great news for ‘global companies’ there are still quite a few small and midsized enterprises (SME) just learning about PLM and how it can help their companies.  For those not quite to the global level of doing business we recommend Inforbix, a PLM provider capable of handling global enterprises yet determined to make PLM accessible to all. As their Website states, “…Most small companies cannot invest in data management systems. This is where Inforbix can help. Inforbix provides an easy and efficient way to share product data and other related information. Inforbix is easy and intuitive to use; it deploys cloud technology that enables secure company wide data availability.”

Catherine Lamsfuss, August 15, 2012

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