Algebraix Vaunts Speedy Results

August 16, 2012

It looks like Algebraix is calling out competitor Revelytix, who is specifically mentioned as having been trounced in Sys-Con Media’s “Algebraix Data Announces Record-Breaking Semantic Benchmark Performance.” Algebraix boasts that, for 80 percent of queries, their benchmark test outperformed Revelytix’s best published results twelvefold. Yep, a dozen times faster. That does seem pretty fast.

The benchmark test was performed on Algebraix’s SPARQL Server RDF database using an Amazon Cloud EC2 Large hardware configuration. This setup is identical, the write up states, to the one used in the multivendor SP2Bench performance comparisons that Revelytix had published. The press release crows:

“Furthermore, Algebraix Data’s SPARQL Server is the only database to have executed all of SP2Bench queries, including all six of the queries that were not successfully executed within the Revelytix guidelines by other Resource Description Framework (RDF) databases. . . .

“‘The outstanding SPARQL Server performance is a direct result of the algebraic techniques enabled by our patented Algebraix technology,’ said Chris Piedmonte, co-founder and CTO of Algebraix Data.”

Algebraix Data is headquartered in Austin, TX. In 2004, the company was founded on the vision of real-time access to data, structured and unstructured, in a distributed, collaborative, and dynamic environment. Their technology has garnered seven US patents.

Revelytix boasts that their community-based is currently the most widely used ontology editing tool. The company was formed in 2006, and is based in Sparks, MD.

Cynthia Murrell, August 16, 2012

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One Response to “Algebraix Vaunts Speedy Results”

  1. Alex Miller on August 16th, 2012 1:32 pm

    I’m a developer at Revelyitx although I wasn’t involved in the benchmark testing in question. This article is mostly wrong re Revelytix.

    Revelytix products include data federation (combining multiple external sources of data), query translation (SPARQL to SQL) to access relational data, rule execution, and metadata management tools. Revelytix does not make or sell a database that stores triples (as Algebraix does). Thus, Revelytix does not compete with Algebraix, at least not in any obvious way that this article implies.

    The benchmark results provided by Revelytix compare the performance of many of the triple stores available at the time of the study (notably excluding Stardog from Clark&Parsia, which came out shortly afterwards) on a standard benchmark. This study was performed for a third party with the purpose of investigating triple store performance. The comparison did not include any Revelytix products.

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