Stamped 2 0 Released With Celebrity Supporters

August 20, 2012

The San Francisco Chronicle recently reported on the re-release of a new app called Stamped this a bound to give GooglePlus a run for its money the article “Ex-Googlers Relaunch Their Startup Stamped And Get Ryan Seacrest, Justin Bieber, and Ellen DeGeneres to Invest.”

According to the article, Stamped is an app that was originally created by former Google employees Robert Stein and Bart Stein to make small business reviews more social. But after the app was launched, the Googlers quickly realized that they had an even better idea for it. They wanted Stamped to be a place where users could keep track of all of their favorite things, from restaurants to books, movies and music.

So after spending six months of rewriting the app coding, the small team of ten has now released Stamped 2.0:

“Stamped 2.0 now app operates like Twitter; you can follow others and see their activity in your feed. Each user only gets 100 stamps to use on their favorite things and they’re given more if users interact with their recommendations. The stamp limit, Stein believes, will make every recommendation more authentic.

In addition, Stamped creates personalized guides for users based on their interests and their friends’ recommendations. It pulls together lists of books, restaurants, movies and songs for users to try based on suggestions from trusted people and publishers. The New York Times, for example, will be putting all of its Best Sellers on Stamped as book recommendations.”

The Stamped team has done a great job of getting celebrity support. It will not take long before their fans follow suit.

Jasmine Ashton, August 20, 2012

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