PLM and ERP Merge as Data Management Advances

August 22, 2012

Companies with a lot of data, especially data spread out over various systems and platforms constantly struggle to connect said data.  Traditionally, both product lifecycle management (PLM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has been utilized to manage data but were separate systems without much communication.  That is changing as PLM providers are realizing the need for all systems to work together as evidenced in the recent announcement in the IT News Online article, Arbela Technologies and Saratech, Inc. Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Process and Data Integration between Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) Business Solutions”.

The article describes the partnership:

Arbela Technologies Corporation, a leading Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM Certified Gold Partner, has announced that it is forming a strategic partnership with Saratech, Inc., a national platinum partner of Siemens PLM software, to offer proven process and data integration between Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) business solutions to the aerospace and defense, hi-tech, automotive, industrial equipment, and life sciences industries.”

Other PLM providers are also working hard to create new data management solutions that work with existing ERP platforms.  Inforbix, an up-and-coming PLM provider, has a unique take on ERP as described in the Engineering Matters article, “Inforbix: Access to Enterprise Information for the Engineer?”:

“Using API toolkits, Inforbix crawlers go into enterprise systems like ERP, PLM, procurement systems and others. It also has crawlers that spider your desktops and share drives. So Inforbix crawlers are unique in that they traverse enterprise systems and drives in your product development IT ecosystem.”

As data management solutions grow in scope we expect to see more PLM providers integrate ERP into their PLM offerings.

Catherine Lamsfuss, August 22, 2012

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