Iphelion Offers Email Management Solution

August 28, 2012

Email filing is a very vital tool for most companies and programs that address issues that arise in document management are necessary and appreciated.

StubXploder from Iphelion is one of those programs. The product is designed to address issues seen when archived email stubs are filed within document management systems. Features include intelligent error handling and rollback on individual items, complete server side solution, and customization to any library configuration.

The company’s website asserts about the product:

“Written as a fully server side solution to remove the need for user interaction or client side deployment, StubXploder will restore archived e-mails from Enterprise Vault back into the DMS libraries.  This means that business critical e-mails are restored to a single repository (the DMS) while still allowing EV to take the strain off of Exchange by offloading non critical e-mails.  The product was designed with the largest deployments in mind so can easily handle a worldwide infrastructure with many libraries and archives or scale right down to single server instances.”

The new version impresses us and we believe those interested in solving email document management issues will also be pleased. Iphelion offers a powerful solution to categorize, retrieve, and maintain email environments.

Andrea Hayden, August 28, 2012

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