Informative Paper on Patents

September 3, 2012

Many folks are alarmed and confused about the current state of technology patents, and rightly so. We have found an interesting paper that explains in great detail what has been happening, why and how, and what the trajectory means for the future. To be sure, “The Giants Among Us” (PDF) from Stanford Technology Law Review is not a coffee-break-length piece. It is, however, full of important facts, insights, and observations. A must-read for anyone concerned about today’s tech patent landscape.

The paper, written by Tom Ewing and Robin Feldman, begins with this observation:

“The patent world is quietly undergoing a change of seismic proportions. In a few short years, a

handful of entities have amassed vast treasuries of patents on an unprecedented scale. To give some

sense of the magnitude of this change, our research shows that in a little more than five years, the

most massive of these has accumulated 30,000-60,000 patents worldwide, which would make it the

5th largest patent portfolio of any domestic US company and the 15th largest of any company in the


“These entities, which we call mass aggregators, do not engage in the manufacturing of products

nor do they conduct much research. Rather, they pursue other goals of interest to their founders and


Indeed. The rest of the paper supplies facts about such mass aggregators (particularly Intellectual Ventures); gives a nod to potential positive effects; delineates the potential damages from the trend; and wraps up with ideas on what can and should be done. Ewing and Feldman proscribe regulatory oversight, transparency, and undermining trolls’ profit motive.

Excellent research, analysis, and conclusions. But will the FTC and DOJ listen?

Cynthia Murrell, September  03, 2012

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