Using Fabasoft Mindbreeze as a Customer Service Solution

September 6, 2012

Daniel Fallmann of Fabasoft Mindbreeze explains the beneficial customer service applications of the Mindbreeze suite of solutions in the post, “Call Center: Mindbreeze Leads to Success!” With the ability to bring on-premise and cloud information together, Mindbreeze’s powerful search can be applied to call centers for quick and efficient access to information and an improved user experience.

Fallmann explains:

Via information pairing all related information, whether structured or unstructured, from internal or external applications (e.g. client portals), new or old, is linked together.  A company’s entire knowledge becomes instantly accessible. Instead of combing through 20 different applications, you need just one tool. Mindbreeze makes customer service quicker, easier and more efficient, whilst simultaneously increasing quality and customer satisfaction. As a bonus, costs are reduced and your call center employees are happier!

Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise turns business data into relevant knowledge with efficient and scalable processing capabilities. When many organizations mismanage call centers and customer service, use Mindbreeze to give your employees streamlined and relevant access to information without the redundancy of multiple applications.

Philip West, September 6, 2012

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