BBC Olympic Web Site Focused on Automatic Curation

September 9, 2012

A technical blog post from the BBC Internet blog, “More Traffic, More Videos, More Screens: Building the BBC’s Olympic Site,” strives to inform readers of challenges faced in the development of the site and apps surrounding the Olympic online products. A high traffic load and consistent flows of content obviously posed some issues. Data needed to be live and comprehensive.

We learn from the article:

“The Dynamic Semantic Publishing (DSP) model, which understands relationships (triples) between all content and concepts, is the process that ensures everything automatically appears in the right place. All created content, including stories, medals, and world records, are tagged (normally automatically) with the appropriate athletes, sports and countries. This causes the content to appear on the appropriate page without human intervention.

In essence, it’s this automatic curation of pages that has allowed us to offer such a broad range of product.”

It seems that in the attempt to develop the site and apps, search was not emphasized and the focus was on automatic curation. We wonder if users were able to sort through this excess of data to find specific events at the correct times. We believe a higher focus on search and manual data management would be useful in these types of situations as opposed to automatic curation.

Andrea Hayden, September 09, 2012

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