Wajam Plug In Offers Social Search Capabilities

September 13, 2012

The endless data users are providing to social networks via statuses and check-ins is being harnessed by a new search tool, Wajam. A review of the service, “Review: Wajam, a Tool for Searching Socially,” on Technology Review tells us how the approach works. Queries will yield results from related posts from your friends on different social networking sites. The free plug-in brings in up a pop-up containing this data and is also available in an iPhone app.

The review tells us more about the service’s capabilities:

“Wajam bests the big guys with its availability and flexibility. You can use it on all four major browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari), and it pulls up relevant social data on both the obvious websites and less-expected ones like IMDb, TripAdvisor, and Shopping.com. Once you sign up on the site and download the plug-in, your Wajam results show up as a pop-up on the page, sometimes with ads (although you can turn ads off in Wajam’s settings).”

Although the reviewer cites some kinks (sluggish, only works on 3G,) it’s easy to see this type of search becoming the norm because we tend to care about and value opinions and experiences of people we know. Companies like Google and Microsoft are also harnessing this data to personalize results and we are curious to see where social search will grow and improve.

Andrea Hayden, September 13, 2012

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