FindTheData Is a Useful Resource

September 14, 2012

We’ve come across an interesting research tool. LifeHacker tells us that “FindTheData Compares Tons of Data Side-by-Side, Is a Research Gold Mine.” Writer Melanie Pinola explains:

“FindTheData is an incredibly cool tool for comparing all kinds of information—from job salaries to auto fuel economy to celebrities’ heights and weights. The web app parses data from all kinds of public databases and other sources to deliver all these facts.

“FindTheData is part of the FindTheBest family of comparison sites. While FindTheBest compares dozens of categories to help you make better decisions (e.g., pick the best college), FindTheData is more of a research/reference tool.”

Like FindTheBest, FindTheData is organized by categories like Business & Economy, Education, and Society, to name just a few. Users can filter results, do side-by-side comparisons, and delve into details. Pinola does caution us that, once we start exploring the data, it might be difficult to stop.

FindTheBest (the company behind both sites) prides itself on presenting information free from any marketing influence. They pull their data from public databases, primary sources and experts. I really like the way they present the information—clean and easy to reference. Also, the tools for refining a search are intuitive—always a huge plus in my book. I have to say Pinola is correct; I could waste a lot of time at either of these sites.

Cynthia Murrell, September 14, 2012

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