Small Businesses Falling Short in Monitoring Online Conversations

September 25, 2012

The multitude of data needing to be analyzed by marketing professionals on a daily basis is currently coming from an overwhelming number of different channels. This makes it very difficult for marketing professionals to manually track all the disparate data coming in. Therefore, no one should be surprised that a recent survey conducted by PR Newswire found that “Only 37% of Small Business Communicators Monitor Conversations on a Daily Basis.”

According to the article, the majority of marketing and communications professionals agree that in order to maintain an online following and relevant online conversations, it is important to listen to a variety of relevant social media channels.

However, the survey found:

“Fewer than 40% of small business communicators monitor conversations daily, despite the speed with which conversations and rumors can take hold  online.    The good news is that only 3% of communicators reported that they don’t do any monitoring.  Another 18% indicated they monitor conversations weekly.

One reason why the majority of communicators aren’t listening on a daily basis likely stems from the simple fact that many people find themselves relying upon multiple channels in order to keep tabs of key social networks and online groups.”

As big data analytics technology becomes more readily available and affordable, small businesses are going to have to invest in these products in order to stay abreast of the needs of their clients and constituencies.

Jasmine Ashton, September 25, 2012

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