In the Future Marketing May Be Responsible for IT

September 30, 2012

The general consensus is that IT jobs are booming and it is a profitable field to specialize in, but according to ZDNet in the article, “Research: The Devalued Future of IT in a Marketing World.”  You really need to see the data visuals to understand what the article is discussing, but basically the models show a startling decrease in IT budgets circa 2009 but the growth has picked up in recent years.  IT departments have been strapped, using more with less and are seen as a tool to increase productivity and efficiency.  They are no longer the  default go to place for new ideas and innovation in businesses.

Marketing appears to be where the money is headed and they want to create their own technology achievements, but there are always ways to counter these starting trends.  If you are a CIO, you can take measures to ensure your IT department has a good working relationship with marketing.  The article offers some tips to establish a relationship with the marketing department.
Most of the tips are general knowledge, but this one makes the most sense:

“Execute with excellence: deliver your projects on time and within budget. When IT fails to deliver the basics, it loses credibility and undermines attempts to raise the bar in other areas. Make sure that IT supplies basic infrastructure, security, and reliability without a lot of fanfare. At the most basic level, IT should disappear because things just work.”

But IT should not disappear within the company.  It needs to establish itself as a valuable commodity. If your company is searching for extra profit, initiate a big data plan.  Try handing that over to marketing.

Whitney Grace, September 30, 2012

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