Comperio FRONT: Business Logic for Enterprise Search

October 2, 2012

There are many enterprise search systems. Some are available without charge; others can push beyond seven figures. Many professionals working in an organization want systems to provide information needed in the context of work. Laundry lists of hits from a key word query were a significant advance over manual inspection of documents in file folders in file cabinets.

In order to deliver information within the context of a business task, logic is needed. Many search systems provide laundry lists or categories of possible relevant documents. Without business logic, an enterprise search system can frustrate some professionals.

FRONT is available for Dot Net and Java. FRONT is compatible with SP 2013.

Comperio, a company with the motto “Search matters,” offers FRONT. According to the firm:

Comperio FRONT is the proven business logic software for state of the art search solutions. Comperio FRONT blends perfectly with your enterprise search platform to deliver quickly, with quality and top features.

The software is an outgrowth from more than eight years of experience with enterprise search and more than 100 search projects. Comperio has encapsulated that expertise into the FRONT framework.

In a nutshell, says, Jørn Ellefsen, CEO and Founder of Comperio:

Our deep experience has lead to the creation of Comperio FRONT framework, which allows search solutions to be built more quickly and with improved quality and features.

KMWorld Magazine named FRONT a trend-setting product for 2012. This is the second time that Comperio FRONT has received this recognition from KMWorld. FRONT is now a crucial part of more than 200 enterprise search solutions.

Mr. Ellefsen noted:

Comperio FRONT is a major source of satisfaction amongst our customers. It is a product that blends seamlessly with  existing investments in search engines and end-user applications. The search middleware, or orchestration layer, leverages best practices gained from hundreds of search projects and possesses business logic visualized in graphical workflows. Whether it’s for developing a search solution as a business productivity solution or as a line of business application, Front allows our customers to benefit from faster time to market with higher quality. The flexible nature of the FRONT framework helps companies react quickly to new business opportunities and likewise to the availability of new technology. This award recognizes Comperio’s investment in, and commitment to, delivering world-class search solutions that will stand the test of time.

For more information about Comperio Front, navigate to

Stephen E Arnold, October 2, 2012. Mr. Arnold is a paid columnist for KMWorld Magazine.

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One Response to “Comperio FRONT: Business Logic for Enterprise Search”

  1. Charlie Hull on October 3rd, 2012 4:18 am

    Comperio’s motto ‘Search matters’ seemed strangely familiar to me…we’ve been using it for a few years on our website!

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