OpenText Insights as Company Shifts to Content Discovery

October 6, 2012

Some insights into OpenText were brought to my attention in the recent article, “What’s Next for OpenText As It Continues Integration of Nstein’s Technologies?” on SemanticWeb. The enterprise information management solution owns several search and content processing systems, including Nstein which the company acquired in 2010.

In the time since the acquisition, the company has been working on building Nstein’s semantic technology for text mining and analytics into OpenText’s enterprise content management platform. This has included the addition of a cloud Web site search and content discovery solution, Semantic Navigation, to the company’s existing Web content management products.

The article tells us more about the upcoming plans for the acquisition:

“Some highlights moving forward are taking entity extraction and normalization to the space of collecting, analyzing, and finding business trends that emerge across enterprise’s vast collections of documents, sources and repositories — and also going beyond extracting and categorizing named entities and sentiment from text documents to apply semantics to other media, such as photos, videos and other unstructured information.”

As the company moves forward, we are anxious to see the continued development in the area of semantics and content analysis. We doubt the company will become a major player in the field, but we will keep an eye on performance numbers as OpenText redesigns and progresses.

Andrea Hayden, October 06, 2012

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