Endeca Set to Enrich Oracle Business Intelligence Solutions

October 8, 2012

It may be obvious that Oracle’s purchase of Endeca allows the tech behemoth to incorporate unstructured data like social media, log files and text documents into their business intelligence framework. Emtec‘s blog gets more specific in the post by Jamal Syed, “What Endeca Adds to the Oracle BI Bag of Tools. . . .” The write up tells us:

“Endeca enables users to iteratively model the data as it suits them.  IT does not have to perform traditional data modeling on the data before it can be available for end users.  Endeca combines structured and unstructured data from disparate systems (inside or outside the company) and automatically organizes the information for search, discovery and analysis. This makes Oracle Endeca the only BI technology that unifies structured content and social media for analysis.”

For now, anyway. For those familiar with using Essbase as a data source with the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Syed includes this caveat:

“The Endeca integration will not be as simple because of the unstructured nature of the data. Harnessing the power of Endeca’s search engine that utilizes breadcrumbs instead of keywords will be a challenge- but will provide huge benefits to Oracle BI.”

Syed expects to see a unified platform arise from this union within the next year. Endeca was founded in 1999, and developed into a leader in faceted search before being snapped up by Oracle last year.

Cynthia Murrell, October 08, 2012

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