Search Service Application for SharePoint 2013

October 9, 2012

When it comes to SharePoint, the search application has always been a tricky feature.  For smaller companies, if programmed directly, it does the job perfectly, but for larger organizations a more robust solution for search was found in third-party software.  Rather than turn to ISVs, these days many IT professionals are developing solutions in house to save on costs and to make a piece of software that does exactly what it needs.  SharePoint Tutorial took the “do it yourself” approach for “SharePoint 2013 Create Search Service Application with PowerShell.”

The article teaches you the following:

“This guide shows you how to create a SharePoint 2013 Search Service Application using PowerShell and how this process differs from creating a SharePoint 2010 Search Service Application using PowerShell.”

PowerShell is the task automation framework from Microsoft.  It uses command-line shell and other scripting languages for Windows.  Its main function is to primarily allow IT professionals have greater access over the administrative function of Windows; mostly it uses cmdlets, which can be combined into scripts or executables.

The article walks the reader through steps on how to create a search service application by going through each step individually and explaining them with the use of screenshots.  The coding examples are the real winner as they provide the real basis for understanding how to create the search application.  Sometimes in the coding process it is easy to get lost and confused, but when a ready reference is available for help it makes the process all the easier to get through.  If the coding examples, screenshots, and explanations are not enough to get you started, the article links to the SharePoint 2013 Resource Page.  It is SharePoint Tutorial’s Web resource page that points to all their gathered knowledge on the new SharePoint 2013 deployment.

As SharePoint 2013 is still a new and its sea legs are still being tested and it is still being determined whether a homebuilt application to augment its out-of-the-box search capabilities.  If we can follow the same pattern from other SharePoint versions, then a homebuilt, customizable solution is the way to go.  The article starts IT professionals and SharePoint developers with a good starting point.  The real test will come with longtime exposure to 2013, long enough to get all the bugs figured out.
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Iain Fletcher, Search Technologies, October 9, 2012

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