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October 12, 2012

People tend to doubt the power of a good search application.  They take it for granted that all out-of-the-box and Internet search engines are as accurate as Google (only the most powerful in the public eye).  The truth of the matter is most businesses are losing business productivity, because they have not harnessed the true potential of search.  Search Technologies, a leading IT company that specializes in search engine implementation, managed services, and consulting, is the innovator behind Aspire:

“Aspire is a powerful framework and application platform for acquiring both structured and unstructured data from just about any content source, processing / enriching that content, and then publishing it to the search engine or business analytics tool of your choice.”

Aspire uses a built-in indexing pipeline and propriety code maintained by Search Technologies high standards.  It is based on Apache Felix, the leading open source implementation for OSGI standard.  OSGI is built for Java and supported by IT companies worldwide. Aspire can gather documents from a variety of resources, including relational databases, SharePoint, file systems, and many more. The metadata is captured and then it can be enriched, combined, reformatted, or normalized to whatever the business needs before it is submitted search engines, document repositories, or business analytics applications.  Aspire performs content processing that cleans and repackages data for findability.

“Almost all structured data is originally created in a tightly controlled or automated way.

By contrast, unstructured content is created interactively by individual people, and is infinitely variable in its format, style, quality and structure.  Because of this, content processing techniques that were originally developed to work with structured data simply cannot cope with the unpredictability and variability of unstructured content.”

By implementing a content processing application like Aspire, unstructured content is “scrubbed,” then enriched, for better search results.  Most commercial search engines do not have the same filters that weed out relevant content from the bad.  The results displayed to the user are thus poor quality and are of zero to little use.  They try to resolve the problem with custom coding and updates for every new data source that pops up, which is tedious.  Aspire fixes tired coding problems, by using automated metadata extraction and manipulation outside the search engine.

As powerful as commercial search engines are they can often lack the refined quality one gets from a robust ISV.  Aspire does not follow the same search technology path as its competitors, rather it has designed a new, original solution to provide its clients with a comprehensive search strategy plan to help improve productivity, organization, and data management.

Remember. Search Technologies is sponsoring a meet up at the October 2012 Enterprise Search Summit. More information is available at

Iain Fletcher, October 12, 2012

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