Managing Information Overload with Simple Strategies

October 12, 2012

Challenges that accompany tackling the massive amounts of data that are available online may often seem to outweigh the benefits. Many businesses realize there is value in the information at their disposal on the Web, but may not believe it is worth the hassle. These companies may find solace in the recent article, “Five Ways to Win the Battle Against Information Overload” on Digimind’s blog. The blog post informs readers of how to manage the constant streams of data to find the information that is needed.

The post suggests prioritizing key sources, visualizing data, organizing information into folders, and removing duplicate sources and recurring information.

We also learn about the benefits of filtering out the noise:

“Reduce the amount of irrelevant information you receive on a daily basis by putting filters in place to remove low-quality, high-frequency sources. For example, instead of getting all the news from your RSS feeds, exploit a tool which will check that the articles behind your RSS feeds include your selection of keywords (competitors names, technologies…). Your information stream should provide you with regular, insightful data pertaining to your industry and tailored to your specific needs. Everything else is just noise and will distract you from your main mission.”

This post offers some simple tips that provide some sanity in the attempt to cope with information overload. Companies do not always have to invest in costly Big Data solutions to make the most of the available data; efficiency and productivity can come from small changes in daily processes.

Andrea Hayden, October 12, 2012

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