New App Mila Applies Semantics to Sales

October 15, 2012

The “micro-entrepreneur” movement has taken off in recent years, and now there’s now an app for that. Semanticweb describes how enterprise resource planning company Core Systems has employed technology from Knowledge Hives to craft the new tool in its piece, “Mobile App Mila Uses Semantics to Match Micro-Entrepreneurs to Social Media Customer Leads.”

Mila is free, though premium services are expected to be added later. Unfortunately, the app is so far only available to users in Switzerland. That could change, though, if it proves successful. Besides serving up social media leads, the software also helps users set up their (micro)businesses. Upon registration, entrepreneurs answer a series of questions designed to help the app “understand” their company and products. Writer Jennifer Zaino reports on comments from Mila’s Sebastian Kruk:

“That [understanding] feeds into its social media monitoring capability for lead generation. Currently, it supports only Twitter, but Kruk says other social outlets will be on the way. ‘Whenever we see there is some potential interesting lead or tweet, we try to find the companies in our database that sell that product or that are in categories that match the lead, and then send the lead to the company,’ says Kruk. Mila uses natural language processing technology and Knowledgehives’ Civet service, which extracts meaning from text, to help with analyzing the tweets, fixing on their most important keywords and also user locations.”

Interesting. We would like to see some user feedback on how well this process works.

Founded in 2002 and based in Windisch, Switzerland, CoreSystems strives to be the world’s top business app provider. Systems and consulting firm Knowledge Hives makes its home in Gdynia, Poland. Its solutions are underpinned by its semantic Web and social networking technologies.

Cynthia Murrell, October 15, 2012

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