IBM Reveals PureData System for Big Data Management

October 19, 2012

In an effort to address Big Data management in the enterprise, IBM has just released a new system for large-scale data analysis. According to the TechCrunch article titled “Meet PureData, IBM’s New Big Box for Big Data,” the company has unveiled PureData System which is the third big box in IBM’s PureSystems family. IBM intends to benefit clients by offering accelerated cloud deployment, more control for users, and streamlined real-time analytics.

The article tells us more about the capabilities of the new system:

“The PureData System is designed to manage petabyes of data. According to IBM, it can manage up to 100 databases and can perform analytics in a matter of minutes versus hours to understand consumer purchases and other data-intensive tasks, such as detecting credit card fraud. It focuses on transactional applications such as e-commerce, customer analysis and analyzing operations.”

The benefits of this product could be monumental for enterprises attempting to manage the Big Data chaos. Intrafind a first integrator for IBM PureSystems, offering feature-rich solutions that make the best of an IBM Pure installation. Intrafind’s product, Semantic Metadata Generator 1.0, is used for “free tagging, controlled tagging, entity recognition and topic recognition of an unstructured text.” For more details on Intrafind, direct your browser here.

Andrea Hayden, October 19, 2012

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