Google Brain Technology Addresses Artificial Intelligence

October 20, 2012

Another facet of Google’s technical capability is discussed in the article, “Google Puts Its Virtual Brain Technology to Work” on Technology Review. Google is making big strides with new approaches to artificial intelligence which will be used in new Google products, such as self-driving cars and speech recognition technology.

The company is approaching artificial intelligence with learning software that is based on neural networks, or groups of connected brain cells that communicate with each other. This technology is essentially making Google products smarter.

The article continues:

“Google’s work on making neural networks brings us a small step closer to one of the ultimate goals of AI—creating software that can match animal or perhaps even human intelligence, says Yoshua Bengio, a professor at the University of Montreal who works on similar machine-learning techniques. ‘This is the route toward making more general artificial intelligence—there’s no way you will get an intelligent machine if it can’t take in a large volume of knowledge about the world,’ he says.”

Although this new technology is impressive and shows great potential for Google’s goal of a “global brain,” we believe Google could pay more mind to its current products. For example, where does objective search fit in a “global brain?”

Andrea Hayden, October 20, 2012

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