No Plunge Involved When Extracting Big Data Insights With PolySpot

October 26, 2012

What popular concept does not garner a lot of talk and buzz before the ball gets rolling? Big data is not unlike anything else. Action will come when planning around purchasing software and acquiring talent fall into place. No matter the level of hype businesses will rely on information provided by articles such as ZDNet‘s “Taking the Big Data Plunge a Challenge for Enterprise: Cisco.”

When this happens, IT architecture will no longer look the way it did in the traditional business analytics and application delivery model, which consisted of a compute tier, a storage tier, and networking. Architecture for big data is based on a scale-out model with multiple clusters of compute and storage units. Fortunately, there is not much change in hardware making the transformation to focusing on big data and easy and affordable one.

The article shared:

Regardless, organisations are still grappling with changes in the method of handling an influx of data, Cisco Consulting Systems Architect Adam Radford said, but it’s important to take advantage of big data, as it provides much more insight into things like internal operations and customer sentiments. However, big data and traditional analytics not only require different IT architectures, but approaches in retrieving information as well, he said.

There is one certainty: enterprise organizations want big data and they want the tools to make sense of it. As for recommendations, PolySpot has made a name for itself specializing in delivering information and insights.

Megan Feil, October 26, 2012

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