Salesforce Expands Marketing Cloud with Social Analytics

October 29, 2012

Social analytics vendors are in the spotlight this week thanks to a big expansion from The enterprise cloud computing company is leading the shift to the social enterprise with its Marketing Cloud ecosystem expansion, bringing in twenty social analytics vendors to enable more insights from a single dashboard and help companies make better, faster business decisions. We learn in “’s Marketing Cloud Adds 20 Social Analytics Vendors” on ZDNet that OEM text analytics company Bitext was included in the signing with the “world’s only integrated social media marketing platform.”

We learn about the platform in the article:

“Essentially, it promises to turn insights into action and connections into customers for life because of the way that brands can engage them using this platform.

With the addition of the services from these social analytics firms, Salesforce said that customers should be able to ‘create a dashboard that delivers a single social snapshot of their company using the analytics that are most valuable to their specific business.’ This includes support for content in 17 languages.”

Bitext will be assist in that anticipated language support, providing multilingual sentiment analysis, which will help companies connect with customers across the world more quickly and efficiently than ever before. The company’s multilingual sentiment analysis solution, which will be integrated into the Marketing Cloud, will help businesses expand globally via social networking.

Andrea Hayden, October 29, 2012

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