Enterprise Search Continues to Adapt

October 31, 2012

Technology either evolves or it dies, and enterprise search is evolving in the face of technological innovations. One might be compelled to believe differently if reading CMS Wire’s article “Contextualized Computing and the Death of Traditional Enterprise Search”, but alas it will be a simple case of misdiagnosis.

The enterprise will be undergoing some new treatments of sorts, one of which is comparable to Social therapy:

“Search is not a separate technology or program; it must integrate with business processes and corporate initiatives as vital infrastructure. Search for all employees aligns with communication, connectedness and collaboration — bringing us into Social constructs. Social can serve to fine-tune or filter search by leveraging additional information about the Searcher, as a valuable enhancement. This includes tapping into employee profiles, internal networks and other work-related interactions to return relevant data. Social interactions also enable valuable “serendipitous or accidental acquisition of information or knowledge.”

The death of search will come when humanity rejects all technology and returns to the caves but that doesn’t seem realistic considering today’s thriving market. Instead, some enterprise search software is getting smarter, becoming more adaptable and ultimate will  increase efficiency.  Intrafind has been offering enterprise search solutions for over a decade and providing secure, enterprise wide access to relevant information quickly and efficiently while implementing targeted data towards the directed task at hand. Enterprise search is alive, well and best of all… adaptable.

Jennifer Shockley, October 31, 2012

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