Optimizing a Web Site and Google Places to Improve User Experience

November 2, 2012

Terry Van Horne has over 17 years of experience in Web development and search engine optimization (SEO) and is founder of SEO Pros and the OSEOP Organization, the first organization for search engine optimization professionals. He shares some tips and tricks for optimizing your site and Google Places landing page in his article, “Google Local Search: Optimization of Your Google Places or +Local Website Landing Page.” Horne has this to share about proving good content on a site:

I strongly recommend using structured data on your contact page and I always include full contact details in the footer of every page. I now recommend this information be marked up in structured data as well. Reviews, events, testimonials and more can be included in the SERP and these ‘Rich Snippets’ always drive more clicks on your listing. The number of testimonials and ratings on your website affects the ranking.

He adds that microdata information and syntax is available at Schema.org and strongly encourages linking your home page to your testimonials page to maximize the link equity to the page and structured data it contains. The power of semantic search in addition to relevant content is a big part of gaining and retaining an audience. One way to boost your site’s experience is to add a powerful search system, like InSite. Mindbreeze’s InSite solution gives a custom searching experience unique to the user with the added benefit of mobile capabilities. Latest content can easily be displayed to Web site visitors to keep your site fresh, and robust reports provide you with the feedback on what and why your visitors are searching.

Philip West, November 2, 2012

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One Response to “Optimizing a Web Site and Google Places to Improve User Experience”

  1. keywords on November 4th, 2012 12:55 am

    I believe that all the algo changes are more inclined to more user friendly experience for all of us. It will be hard for SEO but it will be better for all web users.

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