IBM Does Big Data With Vivisimo

November 13, 2012

Computer World recently reported on IBM’s release of a number of new add ons and services designed to expand data sets more quickly, in the article, “IBM Refreshes Analysis Offerings.”

According to the article, these releases are aimed to help enterprises address their big data challenges. Unlike some other companies. IBM’s goal is to consolidate all information management systems into a single architecture in order to share data across systems.

When explaining other additions, the article states:

“IBM’s in-house Hadoop distribution, called IBM InfoSphere BigInsights, has been augmented with new capabilities as well. IBM has generated new report templates, ones that can conduct sentiment analysis on data from social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter.

BigInsights now includes the federated search capability from the Vivisimo search engine, which IBM acquired in April. Using the Vivisimo interface, now called InfoSphere Data Explorer, users can execute a single search across multiple data repositories, including both structured and unstructured data.”

It is nice to see that IBM is hopping on the big data bandwagon. But whatever happened to Watson?

Jasmine Ashton, November 13, 2012

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