Google Related Quote to Note: The Year of Transparency

November 14, 2012

I read “Google Opens Up on Seven Years of Its Data Center History.” The write up appeared in the “real” journalism publication I found the story interesting. The timeline was fascinating, but the gem was this statement about Google:

This year’s theme is transparency.

There seems to be a bit of public relations push about Google’s technology. I noticed that Jeff Dean, one of Google’s super wizards, published “Large Scale Distributed Deep Networks.” You may want to snag it before it disappears. I had to hunt around for the document. Pretty interesting. Google also blew its horn about processing three days of video in the blink of an eye. Forbes, another “real journalism” outfit hopped on this story at “YouTube Turns Seven today, Now Uploads 72 Hours of Video per Minute.”

Maybe transparency means PR? I wonder how those folks toiling at the FTC and in law offices focusing on Google related matters define “transparency.” I side with Google. PR is plenty transparent.

Stephen E Arnold, November 14, 2012


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